Why I opted for hiking boots as a change / Product Review

As temperatures drop down to unbearable numbers throughout the world -unless you're lucky enough to be soaking up the sun in another continent like Australia-, it seems stylish footwear options are simultaneously shrinking too. I mean how does one stay warm but still look chic nowadays? I think that query resonates with millennials the most as we relentlessly ask ourselves this day in and day out.

With the likes of Jimmy Choo and ChloƩ introducing their own versions last season and not to mention Louis Vuitton bringing life to their brand with their take on hiking boots this season, it is physically impossible and almost foolish to ignore this glorious trend.

Shop the Palladium boots range here 

A by-product of the athleisure trend is the hiker boot and for that we are eternally grateful; as we are now able to braze freezing cold while not looking like a hot mess wearing 4 layers of the thickest socks you own.

I decided to jump on the hiker boot bandwagon and I am so glad I chose Palladium boots to do so. Their durability and comfort set the bar for quality boots. I wore them for a full day of brunching and shopping walking up and down Oxford Street and I did not suffer from any blisters, which is a natural side-effect when trying to "wear-in" other tough boots.

First Impressions

Let me get down to the basics, at first I was a little weary as my mind was blank thinking of the full outfit but then I found my pair quite easy and straightforward to style. I particularly chose this pair as the canvas and outer layer of the shoe was a mix of black and charcoal grey which virtually goes with everything. I received mine in a UK 5 and they do run true to size with good room for easy movement.

The pair gives off this kind of masculine geologist vibe and I was positive the long-line checkered coat I wore would come along perfectly with the whole outfit. 

The range can also be shopped at ASOS!

So what do you guys think?  Would you opt for hiking boots as a change of your fashion scene? 

P.s. Kindly note all images and opinions are my own.
As usual, let me know any of your thoughts and feedback on this post.

Love and light, 

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A stay at the Kempinski Ishtar Hotel - The Dead Sea -

The Dead Sea - I rest assured that most readers of this post know of the Dead Sea or have heard of it mentioned in a conversation or two. For those of you that don't, then I am about to unveil this wonder. It is a salt lake (the saltiest in the world actually which explains why there are NO living organisms in it). It is 1,412 ft below sea level making it the lowest point on earth; and one saying they've been to the lowest point known to man is alone boast worthy.

Now, the most important question: WHERE DO YOU STAY?  →→→ The Kempinski Ishtar Hotel 

& should you ask why, my photo diary below would suffice to explain.

The Celestial Pool surrounded by lagoons

The swimming pools here exclusively top my holiday agenda as there are nine to choose from. Each is beautifully differentiated from the other so it is quite difficult to get bored (literally). I'm quite partial to the infinity pool but I also find myself spending a large portion of my time in the Celestial Pool, I mean just look at it!

Top of the notch sun beds
There is a reason The Kempinski Ishtar is a 5 star hotel that truly lives up to its name; small details such as the comfort and size of a sun bed really matter to me, especially since I spend 80% of my time sunbathing (never my face though) and relaxing by the pool. This is where you can rely on receiving the luxury you are expecting to find and indulge in.

As I mentioned before, as of last year I made the decision that I will no longer sun tan my face as I've seen too many cases suffer from very early pigmentation, sun spots and early ageing resulting in wrinkles due to over exposure to the sun.
As a result of that, If I were to expose my face for 15 minutes or so to get that glow and extra dose of Vitamin D (which I so very need as I live in London) I would generously apply Guinot Factor 50 sun protection cream all over my face. I also use Guinot Factor 50 sun oil on my body which protects me from harmful UV rays but still gives me that golden tan we would all kill for. So grab your glossiest gloss, favourite book and chicest fedora and wallow in.

Balcony of our room (Ishtar Deluxe Room)
This was taken right after my visit to the spa (I had the Renaissance 90 minute massage), I highly recommend it as it concentrates on areas of the body that suffer from tension and my muscles felt super relaxed afterwards.


Go for the Margherita pizza, simple but boasting with flavour.
P.S. They serve Nutella Pizza as desert. I rest my case.

Must do: Watching the sunset by the pool

Dinner by the pool (arrange it so that you dine at sunset, AMAZING experience)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this mini hotel guide/ review - I am beyond excited to produce more in the future, so look out for my next one. If you have any comments or suggestions you think I should add to this post, then please feel free to let me know!

For more information on booking and reservation, kindly visit https://www.kempinski.com/en/dead-sea/hotel-ishtar/rooms-and-suites/
Alternatively, you can contact the team on +96253568888.

Kindly note that all images and words are my own.

Sending you love and light as always,
 Maysoon xo

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