Finding Beauty in Vintage

Last year, a very close friend of mine (Clara) moved back to the U.S to pursue her career as a comedian (FYI keep an eye on her, she's probably going to be bigger than Kevin Hart). Before she moved, my friend Veronika and I loved visiting her warehouse because we'd hangout with Clara of course but also with all of her 11 super artistic, alternative, retro, crazy flatmates. These people of course were anti 9-5 office jobs, mocked shopping anywhere near a high street and relentlessly grilled me for getting a Kylie lip kit. They screamed originality and art in everything they touched, painted, cooked, spoke about, and of course wore.

Every time I would ask them 'where is this from?!' The only answer I would receive is either thrift shop or vintage market. The minute I heard that my mind would instantly go blank because I knew vintage shopping just was not my thing as I had never done it before and it just wasn't 'my style.' And that creativity-killing label that I gave myself was my biggest fashion regret.

A year later and it is now 2017, I plucked the courage up to start a blog so I knew I had to change my basic Zara ways and try something new, (EXTREMELY hard I know, as Zara is legit Allah's fashion gift on earth).  

So I hit Bricklane's Vintage Market and spotted this vintage shirt that I had to have... Did anyone else also get an Hermés kind of feeling seeing this shirt? I know I did. 

As you have probably noticed from my previous blog post, I am obsessed with anything that is leather. These are H&M and you can shop these leather trousers here.

Fishnets are everywhere this season but styling them is tricky, as they can look cheap in some ways, but when they are successfully pulled off, they add such an edgy look. Shop them from Missy Empire here!

Now, I have saved the best item till last, these Gucci- inspired loafers are from Pull and Bear, you can shop them here. These are so effortlessly chic and in right now. They are perfect for travel, days out and of course getting that flat-lay/ Instagram photo. I can't get enough of them.

→ Moral of this story and post: Fashion is supposed to be fun. Wear and buy whatever makes YOU feel good and confident (not your followers). Last but not least, be thankful for friends that make you realise where change is needed in your life (and the latter is not just about fashion). 💙

As usual, let me know what you guys think! 

Love & Light, Maysoon xo

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