A timeless lifestyle with Jord

For as long as I can remember, going back to being 8 years old and snooping through
my mother's wardrobe, my eyes filled (and still do) with absolute content whenever I
see a timeless piece at art that we all know as a watch.

To me, an outfit -regardless of its nature- casual or dressy is never complete without
that added touch a watch can bring. Once you've fully immersed yourself in the beauty of wearing of a watch, your wrist will consequently feel utterly naked without it. This is exactly how I felt when I first took off my Jord watch after a few days of consistently wearing it. To me, I feel there is a kind of lifestyle that is brought about with a Jord watch; one of subtle luxury and timeless elegance. I sense this whenever I take a look at their collections, but I especially felt this when I first saw the dark sandalwood and smoke piece from the Frankie series which is why I knew I had to have it.
I personally believe that if you instantly feel a sort of connection with a type of product and can imagine yourself wearing it on more than one occasion, then it is highly likely that purchasing it is a very good investment. I never opt for items that I can only style once, because what is the point of that really; if it can only be enjoyed once?

Why did I choose a Jord watch?
I'm going to break it down for you in a few simple points as to the reasons I opted for a Jord watch a few months ago.
1. Unique: the wooden design gives it such a different, vintage feel and I personally haven't seen it saturated in the market. The reason this is ever so important for me is that I like some of my items and accessories to be unique from every 'Sally and Sarah' walking on the street.
2. Durability & Quality: They mention on their website a sentence that has really stuck with me and has been imprinted in my mind since; "The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed". What I gather from that is if investing in a Jord watch, you are guaranteed preserved quality in the heart of your watch. To me that is what makes every penny worth it. It is so crucial when buying an item from a brand to rest assure and have doubts or question marks in the back of your mind of whether or not your purchase will break down in the next 2 months. I am positive that all of you reading this will also share that same thought.

First impressions:
When I first heard the delivery man knock on my door, I was so excited to open the intricately packaged box. When you first hold it, you can feel the soft grainy texture with a warm dark brown tone. Even though it is made of East African Sandalwood, I have tested it by wearing it for continuous days and it is still as comfortable as it was the first day.
The straps sit very nicely on my wrist and cause 0 discomfort.

I usually love asking my friends and those around of their opinions on my latest purchases and I received such positive feedback on the watch. Something I also loved about the brand is that they asked for my wrist size in order to send my watch accordingly. I think this is such an amazing selling point for the brand as I believe watches especially need to fit perfectly since by default one uses their arms and hands for EVERYTHING!

Dark Sandalwood & Smoke

Here's the link to the watch I chose👇🏽

Here are the links to have a look at some other styles!
Women: https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/women/#maysbastoni

Men:  https://www.jordwatches.com/shop/men/#maysbastoni
The one below is my favourite pick from the mens section. This would be a perfect gift for a father, partner or brother. Make sure to check out their Instagram for more inspiration HERE.

 I hope you enjoyed reading the post. As always, let me know your thoughts!
 Love & light,
Maysoon xo

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