How far can a leather jacker really go?

 Coachella season is now over. But then again Instagram won't let us scroll an inch without finding a post related to it. Now, the countless number of cute outfits I put together in my head for it is quite sad because I didn't actually go. But I'm slyly okay with that, because to be fair & 100% honest, on nights out here in London I always end up thinking about my next fun snack/food that I'm going to munch on after rather than actually focus on the music I'm supposedly "dancing" to. Also, some of you girls will totally get me when I say that 40% (actually like 70%) of why some of us girls get SO hyped to go out is that whole thrill of imagining an outfit and being able to bring it to life while also contouring as if you're about to cut a diamond. (shoutout to my friend Mon for that life-changing comment on one of my instas). 

This is where Derya and I introduce to you all @chictimetraveler, an up and coming fashion business that started 3 years ago in a small store on Portobello Road. The name comes from selling both vintage and modern items, and I personally don't know a lot of other brands that can bring both these segments into one sole brand together. The photo above is a piece from their collection and you can clearly see why I love it. Fashion is about giving a message. With that being said, I will leave you to interpret what message you believe the jacket above is sending^. 

Check out Derya's IG and blog (@heyderya), I'm so happy to have met her! I feel that we are very in sync in terms of what we like to rant and post about. Having said that, it's quite hard to meet people in the blogging industry who are genuinely supportive and want to help you, I don't know why. For instance, I see some influencers on IG who are incredibly stuck up when they have barely accomplished anything in life (with that I've decided to unfollow them). On the other hand, I follow others that are so genuinely nice and humble with their followers even though they've built a kind of empire. (@hudabeauty) is only one example here. Do any of you relate to this? 

                 Going back to fashion now, I mean who doesn't love a plain white tee and a laid back pair of mom jeans?
It's a tad weird not to!
Then again, the idea of this outfit does seem a bit too plain and laid back if you take away all the extra bits and bobs of accessories. But what if you added this custom design @chictimetraveler hand painted pink leather jacket..?

        For me, there is 1 rule that I always follow whenever I plan an outfit and it is sacred. I make ONE piece stand out in my outfit. So for a night out, you could wear a sexy LBD that is the highlight of your outfit, and I would go for a simple black strap stiletto rather than a pair of busy embellished heels let's say. You want to give that dress it's justice and not take away from it's glory. The reason for that is understated and sophisticated outfits always 'do more' and go that extra mile for me. 

So, as this gorgeous jacket is hand painted giving off a wet embellished/embroidered kind of look (which is VERY in style at the moment) I paired it with a basic tee and pair of mom jeans in order not to divert any attention away from the jacket.

So if you feel like you need a staple piece in your wardrobe that stands out and speaks for itself then @chictimetraveler is your go-to brand. As I said before it can honestly get a bit dead/ repetitive  shopping from the same high street stores and I tend to get bored easily and that's why investing your money in a few unique vintage pieces is a must every now and then. 

                                                Take a look at some of the other pieces that I loved:


Alternatively, don't take my word for it and have a look at their website & IG to see for yourself! // IG: @chictimetraveler

***P.S As I am always pro #honest blogging and use this hashtag underneath my IG posts, thus I must mention that this is part of a sponsored collaboration with @chictimetraveler, but I am in no way obliged to post pictures or write a blog post about it. I personally chose to feature this jacket and write a blog post as I felt it was true to my style and personal sense of fashion.
Leave a comment down below if you have any feedback or comments!

                            I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
                                       For now I love you & leave you,
                                                           Maysoon xo 

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