When do we have till to have life figured out?

When do we have till to have life figured out?

I am writing this undercover at work and I realistically shouldn't be, but I’ve come across some inspiration to write and I NEED to pour it out before I lose my stream of thought. This post could be a hit or a miss. I really can’t tell yet.

Growing up I’ve always found myself leaning into the creative world, I loved to dance and act (saying that makes me cringe too I promise) That also sounded like the hobby list you would include in a C.V, but the point of what I am saying is; I always wanted to be someone and achieve greatness -whatever illusive meaning that word actually beholds- so then why at 23 years of age do I still feel relatively behind even though I do have my life sort of together?

*PAUSE & take a moment to think if you also agree*

I strongly hope you can relate to me at some point, if you don't then props to you, you are winning in life!

The answer to my question is down to a few things for me personally: my internal struggle of being a realist vs./and a dreamer, the problematic habit of comparison, and the desire to reach my mother’s success.

Ideally, those 3 factors have made me who I am today which I am proud of (YES it is all about self-love and confidence, don’t mistake that for narcissism), but they are also the reason I am stressed AF.
I crave to live a passionate undull life everyday, I crave to use my brain and creativity everyday. I crave to feel that I, Maysoon make a difference everyday and not only some days, simply put. I crave to succeed. That is my ultimate goal in life.


I feel like I should be putting in a minimum of 2 hours per day towards working on my blog but I am by far NOT doing. But HOW can I when I have got a 9-6 some days for 1 job, a 10-8 for my other job, the necessity to produce news story proposals for my 3rd freelance job and schedule IG posts all whilst attempting to stay in contact & go out with my friends on weekends (which I work sometimes) and also stick to my promise of trying to ditch junk food & cook healthier meals in between? If you have a way to juggle all things life-related then be a star and drop me a line!

My life the last 14 days
BTW I am not complaining. I am just venting. I am truly blessed thank God. I know I work very hard but sometimes I find myself saying well maybe I’m not since.. Here it comes..! my worst enemy:
I only gained 6 followers today” and “oh but blogger X and Y managed to quit their job and blog full time in 5 months, why haven’t I?”.
Comparison is a creative individual’s deathbed. Actually cross that, not only a creative person; it's EVERYONE’S deathbed. Do not fall into that trap because your path & destiny is different to others and there is only one of you in this world, embrace that. Now enough with the spiritual mantra.


So why blogging out all of things then?

I love being in front of a camera and literally everyone knows that. I love makeup and all of it’s glory. I can’t stress how much I love intricately planning each new outfit and going out to hunt it. I love discussing life and the struggles we all encounter whilst trying to discover ourselves and most of all, I love talking to people about all of this. So WHY NOT just do it in front of a camera lens to a bunch of randoms and maybe, just maybe I actually help someone find a perfect outfit for a date let’s say or even better; I actually comfort someone who has been struggling with life by writing a post like this. If I stopped pursuing what I wanted because I heard "but everyone is doing it now Mays!" then I would be a very very sad girl right now.. but I didn't listen so I am not, I'm actually the opposite 😊
I want my voice to be heard and I want my writing to be read. Period.


Food for thought

Get to the point Mays, I know.
Find a passion and pursue it like a monster, whatever the hell that passion might be. Do not settle for a 9-5 to make ends meat, that is not living my friend. Thought of something? Great, now plan it and start it straightaway, get over any obstacle of shyness or fear of failing and just.do.it. What’s the worst than can happen? It doesn’t work out the way you want? Fine, but trust me when I say you don’t want to get to a stage in your life and wonder ‘what if’. What if I actually started that food blog? What if I actually started that design course? What if I actually pursued football professionally back when I could have?


Things take time.
It is okay to not become a one-night wonder regardless of what you are pursuing.
It is okay to be achieving whatever you want slowly.
It is okay to not know what you next move is.
It is okay to not have life that figured out, do not fall into the trap of believing those who show their life as ‘perfect and glitzy glam all-year-round’ No mate sorry but this is one of bitter realities that social media has brought our way.

Do you know what is NOT okay though? To settle. To settle living a life you are not happy in. Have faith in yourself and your dreams. I know it is easier said than done but humour me and try it out. Carve your journey out the way you desire it to be.
To set things within context and to give a definite answer to the question I started off this post with - I say till forever.

Photographer: @Jason_cheu
Love you and leave you for now my lovelies -
As per usual, let me know your thoughts
Maysoon xo
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