A sheer love affair

Sheer seems to have taken over the fashion world and particularly my wardrobe. Every corner I turn, I spot this sensational material trimmed across denim patches and sewn to beautiful sleeves. Sheer is both fashionably understated yet also overwhelming; as too much of it could be classed as a tad too revealing and that is something we definitely don't want. (personal opinion of course, I am never one to judge).
Here's a look at how styled it for this shoot:          ↓            

1. Bring together your sheer socks & heels

2. When the beauty of sheer meets the bell sleeve

Whoever said you can't include a statement material within 2 segments of your outfit obviously didn't know what sheer was.

Even better: Embellished sheer socks by Collette Dinnigan F/W 2012

As you can see, starting with the sheer bell sleeve, running down to the embroidered mom jeans and following through to the socks and heels, all of these details are aiming to serve as the main subject of attention. So, with regards to hair, I opted for a very minimal and easy bun in order not to divert the attention away from the all these detailed pieces. As for makeup, dark maroon lip shades have become part of my signature look that I feel naked without!

Now, here's the exciting part, I payed £1.19 for these sheer socks! (YES, you read that correctly).

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Love & Light, Maysoon xo

The 1980s Reimagined

Nothing screams style of 2016 (and I predict to last throughout the big '17) more than an ultimate biker jacket, combined with frayed denim and a pair of cute mules! These 3 items are must haves in every wardrobe wherever you are in the globe! Leather, shredded fringe denim and mules seem to be a modern retake of the 80s and its style icons. 

Could it be that creators of fashion are running low on inspiration and originality? Or are designers hinting that fashion is timeless and there's nothing better than modernised vintage? 

Who said you can only be in style if you're wearing Gucci mules?! -which would set you back £500- I have found a cheaper alternative for those who aren't willing to dig their pockets as deep but still want a more economic yet equally stylish pair; you're welcome :)

P.S. if you guys still want the Gucci slides, they are around 20% cheaper in airports!

Oh and hurry, these mules were sold out in all the branches near me, so I suffered from a slight panic attack before I ran online to order them.

Photography by: Bessam AlJarian, a photographer and dear colleague of mine who has a real hidden talent for fashion photography as you can see. If you would like to collaborate with him or require his photography services, kindly contact him on the following: 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bessamaljarianphoto/
or email: bessamjarian@gmail.com

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Love & Light, Maysoon xo

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