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I visited my home town Amman, Jordan for a few days and my girlfriends there are constantly complaining that there's not much to shop from in Amman except for Zara and a few other places, making it difficult to stand out style-wise. After that, I decided to go on a fashion mission let's say to find boutiques in Amman that declared otherwise. (I think it's a Leo's trait to find joy in proving people wrong). SECOND HAND DESIGNER ITEMS FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE IN AMMAN?! Yes you heard it right ladies (and gentlemen for that matter), Fashion House is Amman's ONLY existing luxury consignment boutique. Best thing about them: You yourself can resell your precious items that you no longer show as much attention to anymore! Authenticity: Now this is key. When buying an item from Fashion House, rest assured you are 100% getting the real deal. Why? Because EVERY item must pass through a regular verification process by an international authentication company here in London. Now enough chatter, let's see some of their goodies!
Louis Vuitton Epi Louise PM, Fashion House price: 720JDs (Retail price: £1,110)
Chanel Black Vintage Caviar Square Bag, FH price: sold for 1100JDs (Retail price: worth over £2,300)
The Caviar bag has 18k gold plated cc that is now impossible to find, that being so, it is treasured by Chanel collectors. Not to mention, aren't those Chanel Espadrilles to die for?! They are on SALE for 400jds! If you're worried about the cold, you can easily style fishnets under your jeans (a major trend that I am loving!). So head down to Fashion House Amman for a whole store of items you would love to get your hands on from a beautiful Celine to stunning Haute couture dresses! They are located just behind the American Embassy. Check out their website to see their new arrivals and follow their their Instagram page for regular updates @fashionhouseamman.
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  1. Wow! Thanks for this, I will definitely make a visit to the store.

    Loving the blog and your style.



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