The Masculine Look

I think we've all hit a point in our lives where you're desperate to trade in that heavy, lace embellished, form fitting death of a dress for a pair of laid back, loose trousers. Lucky enough, we can! and us ladies owe it all to the ever so chic Coco Chanel who made this possible when she shocked the post-Victorian world and created masculine-like silhouettes and trousers for women in 1913. 

 Question is how do you rock a kind of genderless look? The answer to that is none other than a clean-collared shirt from the men's section, and this was the key item in creating this look. Shop the shirt here (p.s. it's £10!)

 Key item 2: Ditch your body hugging pants for a more loose pair and have fun with the fabric! I chose sporty joggers for this look and specifically, a leather pair, as leather is my go-to fabric in colder temperatures. Shop the joggers here.

Okay, so we've styled the 2 most important parts of the outfit; the top and bottoms. But something is missing; it's too plain. That's where adding a small touch with this corset belt makes all the difference in the world, thanks to Kourtney K and other A-list celebs also rocking this trend over jumper dresses. Shop the belt here.

I frequently get a few similar comments revolving around the bizarre notion of why I would mix a cheap purchase (a £10 Primark shirt) with a high end accessory such as the bag I chose for this look. In my opinion dressing top to bottom in high end fashion doesn't make you stylish, it means you are lucky to be able to do that but that's as far as it goes unfortunately. What style actually is, in my opinion at least, is the ability to camouflage a cost-efficient low-end purchase and have it blend into an outfit that has a high-end piece and give the impression that they are all in the same range of fashion and price when in reality they most definitely aren't. Shop the bag here.

Another trend I am currently loving is clear lens retro glasses, they really do complement any outfit. (Shop the glasses here. Now, you could continue that masculine look with a pair of sneakers or even monk shoes, but I wanted to add some luxury to this masculine sporty look, and these perspex heeled ankle boots did the trick perfectly. and they are SO in style which is even better. Shop the boots here.

What do you think of this look? ❤ 

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Love & light, Maysoon xo
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