Travel in Style: Airport Chic!

Goodbye to frumpy outfits and hello to stylish comfort!
It's true that throwing on a pair of sneakers and an oversized tee may not scream fashion idol, but with carefully selected items and a good (arguable) fashion sense, a perfect and comfortable travelling outfit can be put together so easily!

Step 1: Pick your trainers (avoid high-heeled shoes!)

I chose the Adidas NMD_R1 for women in the colour black (obviously), as I've noticed some of my favourite bloggers reposting these. They are in style worldwide (and fortunately for us, easier to get to your hands on than Yeezy Boosts). P.S. apparently my Asian friends buy these in bulk as they sell out quick too!)

Step 2: Basic V-neck tee

A basic v-neck or round neck tee is an ABSOLUTE must in every lady's wardrobe!
I bought mine from Zara as the quality does not vanish into thin air after a few washes. (Maximum wash temperature: try not to exceed 30 degrees to avoid shrinking)

Step 3: Choose comfortable bottoms

Workout joggers are so in style right now! Never hesitate when buying a pair of these as they are so comfortable even if they are form fitting. An added plus: Try find a pair with unique patch work or details or even in my case; inserted mesh panels in order to differentiate your outfit from everyone else.
I bought mine from H&M, and below is the link of where you can purchase them :)

Step 4: Pick your Jacket

Now this is key; I would go for a velvet bomber maybe, or even a cool vintage leather jacket.
In my case, I chose this Zara army jacket which I bought a few years back. Here is a link to an updated new collection version of mine below

I hope you enjoyed my 1st blog post! I would appreciate and LOVE to get your thoughts and feedback on this post and even any ideas you may have on what I should do next!
Lots and lots of love,
Maysoon xo

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